Ruminations In Rhyme

Ruminations in Rhyme is a series of thoughts put into rhyme formation by the author of this site and will be joining the sporadic content of this neglected blog as often as needed--needed by whom? That question will be left to be answered by any reader who happens upon this publishment.

Watch 1776

After proselytizing till I was red in the face, I later realized with an even greater perturbation that if these well educated, apple pie-loving Americans had never heard of this film, how much less have others who are not as involved in we-the-peopleing and fire crackers? Thus the reason of this piece, which, now that the prologue is concluded, will now commence into the point of this recommendation.

Tolerance And Tampons

Supposing a visiting girls’ sports team is using the boys’ locker room for their event, and supposing one of these visiting ladies suddenly and without warning realizes it is *that* time of the month. Without HB 156, all that is available to her is a borrowed tampon from a teammate; or from the schools’ girls locker room; or from the public restroom; or from another girl at the school...

Stories Are Soul Food (Pt. 2)

We all need literature. It brightens a rainy day, brings hope to a desperate situation, and inspires the reader to do what their favorite character would do if he were in their shoes. Below are two rainy day recommendations rich with wit, smiles and warmth, and below them is one intensity-packed series steeped in cocaine (as in you canNOT put it down), and full of photosynthetic men, and polygoners. To me, these are soul food series.

Stories are Soul Food

This series is like the Lord of the Rings; each book is better than the last. You feel as if you are being pulled by the dandelion fire or by grey threads (if you read the books you will understand the references) into the book, and the farther in you get, the more impossible it is to put it down...

Failure Speaks Louder Than Excuses

Because the purported “rights” of “trans”-identifiers come before women’s rights (even though the Left claim to love women so much that they’re celebrating a whole month dedicated to women right now), let’s just ignore the fact that Leftists now support men appropriating the identity of women.

A Very Special Post

Ainsley and I have been friends for years; from little girls running like tomboys in the backyard of our church to the women we are today. I cherish her friendship and admire her sweet spirit and care she has for those around her. I'm delighted that she agreed to collaborate with me, and so, without further ado, on to the questions she has granted me, and let us hope I do them justice.

The Greatest Love of All

The parallel to humanity’s redemption story in The Merchant of Venice is very similar; here is Antonio, a man who has it all: wealth, friends, a good life, and he is willing to put all of that on the line for his friend--a friend who owes him a debt already. The terms are unfair, for why should Antonio be the one whose flesh is removed if Bassanio is the one who owes the money?

January 29

...He adores his siblings, greeting each one with a beaming smile and a cuddle in the morning, and very nearly causing civil wars every day due to his varying favorites. He is also in reverent adoration of his dog, never able to approach the gentle creature lest he is with his older sister but also never able to take his eyes off him when he is in the room, thus confusing the dog and his big sister with whether or not he wants to say hi up close or worship from a distance.

Personal Ponderings On Print

...As to my ideal writing atmosphere, that is a clear table with my laptop upon it, logs blazing in the fireplace, cocoa steaming by my left elbow, the thesis for what I’m writing scrawled on a notebook by my right, and a clear endpoint in mind when I start pounding on the computer keyboard. Music drifts from the speakers and family members are wrapped up in their own business without needing to tap me on my shoulder every five minutes to ask for my input or help.