Self Evident: The Podcast

Our goal is to speak truths that were once self evident, and to do so in love. We plan to accomplish this by discussing and dismantling subjects prevalent in the Western culture, to make current cultural events and worldview issues relatable to generation z, and point all those listening to the Gospel and what the Bible says.

Sensitive Snollygosters At It Again

There are so many children who are not being represented in Illinois because of the exclusive “she/her, “he/him” wording of our texts. You know, those brave souls who go by other pronouns. Who knows how many sleepless nights have been spent worrying about the injustice of clauses that exclusionary pronouns have caused? Times have changed, and patriarchal terms such as “his” should without question be replaced with “their.”

Extra Excerpts From Excursions

There was no one around other than our delighted clan. We had discovered a secret—only it was a waterfall, not a garden. Daniel began capturing the scenery quickly as more siblings arrived to gasp at the image, but the mood in the air was “we must return to the car quickly because dad wants to arrive in Vegas early”(bad idea to go to Vegas, very bad). But I didn’t want to leave Idaho without a final dip. After all, that’s why I wore easily disposable shoes to this destination.

Prosecution of the Persecuting Parent

Representative Ford is giving children the opportunity he never had: the chance to make their parents pay for all the trivial groundings, dad jokes, displays of affection in front of peers, and scoldings for unmown grass the minor has ever been victim of. I personally know how such traumatizing experiences take deep root in one's soul, and the possibility to finally earn something--I mean, do something about it is so liberating to hear.

Excerpts from an Excursion

Hail and well met, readers of this post. There is no need for me to point out how rarely there are posts on this site, but the fact remains that there are rarely posts on this site. I am endeavoring to remedy that by composing content I would not be ashamed to publish. Whilst I… Continue reading Excerpts from an Excursion

The Story of Owen

My seventh sibling, a warm bundle of red, squishy, blinking wonder, had down syndrome. I stared at the new life in my arms and slowly processed the fact that as fragile as every newborn is, this one was more so. As much as every newborn needed attention and love, this one would need more. But it would be a type of attention and nurture that my family had never experienced before.

Time To Pray

Leftists are as animated as a cat that has had its whiskers pulled, been dunked in a lake, then set before the jowls of a pack of eager Rottweilers. That sort of animated.Why? Because, according to the University of Texas at Austin, this heartbeat law will prevent approximately 80% of abortion industry’s business. That is 80% of their chances to procure revenue via abortion and destroy pre-born God images. And that, according to pro-life activists Lila Rose and Abby Johnson, is 150 little lives saved every day this law is in effect.

Philippians 2 Lived Out

After we’d visit with her, we always felt rejuvenated, encouraged, and warmed by her taking the time to drive all the way to our home and spend her free day with us. Comments along the lines of “aunt Moe’s the bestest” would be heard as her car pulled out the driveway. Wouldn’t you want that to be said about you too? All of us are one day going to shuffle off this mortal coil—as Hamlet says in the soliloquy aunt Moe didn’t like...