Prosecution of the Persecuting Parent

Representative Ford is giving children the opportunity he never had: the chance to make their parents pay for all the trivial groundings, dad jokes, displays of affection in front of peers, and scoldings for unmown grass the minor has ever been victim of. I personally know how such traumatizing experiences take deep root in one's soul, and the possibility to finally earn something--I mean, do something about it is so liberating to hear.

Watch 1776

After proselytizing till I was red in the face, I later realized with an even greater perturbation that if these well educated, apple pie-loving Americans had never heard of this film, how much less have others who are not as involved in we-the-peopleing and fire crackers? Thus the reason of this piece, which, now that the prologue is concluded, will now commence into the point of this recommendation.

Tolerance And Tampons

Supposing a visiting girls’ sports team is using the boys’ locker room for their event, and supposing one of these visiting ladies suddenly and without warning realizes it is *that* time of the month. Without HB 156, all that is available to her is a borrowed tampon from a teammate; or from the schools’ girls locker room; or from the public restroom; or from another girl at the school...

A Very Special Post

Ainsley and I have been friends for years; from little girls running like tomboys in the backyard of our church to the women we are today. I cherish her friendship and admire her sweet spirit and care she has for those around her. I'm delighted that she agreed to collaborate with me, and so, without further ado, on to the questions she has granted me, and let us hope I do them justice.

Pitfalls of Peer Pressure

Basking in the goodness and warmth of the wonderful evening, you're ready to call it a night and head home--when your pocket buzzes. It's the U.S. House Speaker, and he wants you to meet him at a confidential location ASAP. Curious and not a little concerned, you arrive to find a whole third of the House there and listening to the House Speaker, who is on a platform, eloquently discussing a subject that the entire room seems to agree with. You find a seat and begin to listen. Then blink once and stare for a moment. Then for two moments.

4 Reasons I Support President Trump

As there are a vast multitude of people who abhor President Trump, along with the mainstream news and large swaths of social media constantly portraying him as a viscous and evil istaphobicphobaphobe, I can understand why its easy to find yourself being deceived by the barrage of negative coverage of President Trump and his administration. But just because you hear "Trump is a racist!" 24/7 doesn't mean it's true...