January 29

The twenty-ninth of January is a very special day for me and my family. It marks one whole year since a little boy named Owen David came into our world and made it a whole lot brighter. Owen is my youngest brother, and the little child I’ve used as a model for this blog whenever I needed a baby picture (for reference, see here, here, and here; he really is such a cutie pie).

Owen has gone through more in his twelve months of life than most people would in a lifetime–for not many people undergo five surgeries over several years, let alone within the span of 365 days during a worldwide pandemic that makes hospitals the last place one wants to be.

Yes Owen has been through five surgeries, making 2020 a difficult year for our entire family; because having such a new, tiny, innocent, joyful baby who had to undergo multiple procedures and be kept at a hospital for days at a time was, how shall I put it? Not fun.

January 29, 2020. Owen’s first picture.

But throughout all the challenges, Owen–aka baby Yoda, aka D’Artagnan, aka sweet smiling ball of serotonin to his siblings–has been a radiant, beaming bundle of pure joy, enduring the long hospital stays like a champion even though he has no idea why, and bestowing his innocent, endearing love onto anyone who is willing to accept it.

Owen loves any form of music; be it piano solos, Irish sea shanties, Dynamite from BTS (his all time favorite) or a hymn belted out by the whole family to start the day off right; he is there for it with a clap of his hands and an expectation for big sister to sweep him up and start dancing.

He adores his siblings, greeting each one with a beaming smile and a cuddle in the morning, and very nearly causing civil wars every day due to his varying favorites.

He also has a reverent adoration of his dog, never able to approach the gentle creature lest he is with his older sister but also never able to take his eyes off him when he is in the room, thus confusing the dog and his big sister with whether or not he wants to say hi up close or worship from a distance.

This little brother of mine has brought so much life to the dark days of 2020, making it a year to remember with his pure, joyous love of his favorite things. He is the reason why I name 2020 blessed. For last year he taught me to smile at strangers even if they don’t smile back; he taught me that everything, be it a pillow, a leaf, or a cup of water, can be absolutely fascinating; but most of all he taught me to cheerfully endure even though one doesn’t understand what one is going through.

February 1, 2021, Owen’s most recent picture with yours truly.

So this is–albeit belated–my happy birthday post to my little baby brother: I love you more than I could ever express.

4 thoughts on “January 29”

  1. What a great post Jenna! I will be praying for little Owen as he grows, matures, and starts to walk down the path that God has set out for him. You and he have reminded me of the blessing of siblings (mine aren’t nearly as cute and sometimes it is hard to remember to love them).

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    1. Thank you Emma, your encouragement means so much, as does the knowledge you are also praying ❤ and agreed, siblings can be hard to love sometimes, but in the long run they grow you in so many ways–plus, they're fun to discuss Lotr and other books with :))


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