January 29

...He adores his siblings, greeting each one with a beaming smile and a cuddle in the morning, and very nearly causing civil wars every day due to his varying favorites. He is also in reverent adoration of his dog, never able to approach the gentle creature lest he is with his older sister but also never able to take his eyes off him when he is in the room, thus confusing the dog and his big sister with whether or not he wants to say hi up close or worship from a distance.

4 Reasons I Support President Trump

As there are a vast multitude of people who abhor President Trump, along with the mainstream news and large swaths of social media constantly portraying him as a viscous and evil istaphobicphobaphobe, I can understand why its easy to find yourself being deceived by the barrage of negative coverage of President Trump and his administration. But just because you hear "Trump is a racist!" 24/7 doesn't mean it's true...