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After proselytizing till I was red in the face, I later realized with an even greater perturbation that if these well educated, apple pie-loving Americans had never heard of this film, how much less have others who are not as involved in we-the-peopleing and fire crackers? Thus the reason of this piece, which, now that the prologue is concluded, will now commence into the point of this recommendation.

Movie Review

Zak thrives in the care of the people who treat him as they would want to be treated, who see him for who he is: a man who wants to live life and pursue his dream. In turn, Zak brings out the best in his friends, and proves to them that you don't require everything the world has to offer to be happy; all you need is the love of a makeshift family, a bit of duct tape, and a super cool wrestling name, like the Peanut Butter Falcon.