The Story of Owen

My seventh sibling, a warm bundle of red, squishy, blinking wonder, had down syndrome. I stared at the new life in my arms and slowly processed the fact that as fragile as every newborn is, this one was more so. As much as every newborn needed attention and love, this one would need more. But it would be a type of attention and nurture that my family had never experienced before.

A Very Special Post

Ainsley and I have been friends for years; from little girls running like tomboys in the backyard of our church to the women we are today. I cherish her friendship and admire her sweet spirit and care she has for those around her. I'm delighted that she agreed to collaborate with me, and so, without further ado, on to the questions she has granted me, and let us hope I do them justice.

Movie Review

Zak thrives in the care of the people who treat him as they would want to be treated, who see him for who he is: a man who wants to live life and pursue his dream. In turn, Zak brings out the best in his friends, and proves to them that you don't require everything the world has to offer to be happy; all you need is the love of a makeshift family, a bit of duct tape, and a super cool wrestling name, like the Peanut Butter Falcon.