Stories Are Soul Food (Pt. 2)

We all need literature. It brightens a rainy day, brings hope to a desperate situation, and inspires the reader to do what their favorite character would do if he were in their shoes. Below are two rainy day recommendations rich with wit, smiles and warmth, and below them is one intensity-packed series steeped in cocaine (as in you canNOT put it down), and full of photosynthetic men, and polygoners. To me, these are soul food series.

Stories are Soul Food

This series is like the Lord of the Rings; each book is better than the last. You feel as if you are being pulled by the dandelion fire or by grey threads (if you read the books you will understand the references) into the book, and the farther in you get, the more impossible it is to put it down...

Another Book Review

Despite my trust in their taste of literature, I hesitated. Dare I read such a book, that seems so dark? I mean it is about a vampire for Pete's sake of course it is going to be sinister and foreboding, but the question I asked myself was: do I want to be eternally afraid of the dark and shriek at every shadow that crosses my path? (Vivid imaginations will do that to you).