Ruminations In Rhyme

Welcome to the newest installment of Charming Undomiel. Ruminations in Rhyme is a series of thoughts put into rhyme formation by the author of this site and will be joining the sporadic content of this neglected blog as often as needed–needed by whom? That question will be left for the reader to decide.

It’s not real.

It’s just a nightmare.

One that you can’t feel,

that is terribly unfair.

It’s the kind where you will wake up and say:

“That wasn’t funny and I’m glad she’s okay.”

But I’m not asleep, I’m sitting in the passenger seat.

I feel the air.

I feel the heat.

But I don’t feel reality’s beat. 

Ever since we got the news,

I feel as if it is a cruel ruse;

A ploy to terrify and rectify souls adrift–Not a verdict that it will be soon said she’ll be forever missed.

Tell us it’s not true. 

We can’t continue without you;

You’ve taken root in our lives, our earth would quake without your persistent presence–How are we to conquer worlds if you aren’t cheering our pioneering and correcting misfeasance?? 

God, You know our sentiments,

You know what’s in store.

Please have mercy and let us keep her on this shore.

But if the time is up and spent,

Help us let her go with selflessness and respect. 

Her touch in our hearts till we clasp her hand again,

Her love in our memory in sunshine and rain,

Her name on our mouths, our dearest Aunt Moe;

May you praise our Maker in the heavens and may we imitate below.

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