Failure Speaks Louder Than Excuses

Governor Kristi Noem of South Dakota just delivered a palm strike to the face of the citizens of her state and biological females everywhere.

The South Dakota Legislature recently passed HB 1217, a bill titled “Fairness in Women’s Sports.” As indicated by the name, this piece of legislation would ban transgender woman from participating in women’s sports, thus keeping the playing field level and fair. HB 1217 was supported by the people of South Dakota, as well as by people across the country who think females shouldn’t be forced to share private spaces and compete against persons of the opposite sex.

Noem, up till now one of conservatives’ favorite candidates for a future presidential ticket, was ready to sign this bill after it was passed by state lawmakers, rounding up cheers from commonsense-loving Americans and the usual hatred from the Left. That was two weeks ago. Her tune has changed since then.

A few days ago, Noem sent the bill back to the legislature with suggestions to alter its language. Known as a “style and form” veto, the governor’s move, while still keeping the bill alive, impedes the bill. A majority of both chambers of the South Dakota Legislature can approve it and send it back to her desk on March 29.

In an interview with Tucker Carlson Monday evening, Noem defended her actions by claiming that the bill as it is—the bill she was praising a fortnight ago and tweeting about how excited she was to sign it–wouldn’t solve the problem of protecting girls from competing against men.

According to Noem, it would, “only allow the NCAA [National Collegiate Athletic Association] to bully South Dakota, and it would actually prevent women from participating in collegiate sports.”

Noem went on to explain that HB 1217 would be a “trial lawyer’s dream,” and claimed that is the reason she sent it back. Put simply, Noem cares more about potential lawsuits than the safety of young females under her jurisdiction.

“Title 9 gives female athletes the right to equal opportunity in sports in educational institutions that receive federal funds, from elementary schools to colleges and universities.” ~excerpt from Women’s Sport’s Foundations

Why is Noem caving to supposed standards of the NCAA and potential lawsuits in which her side of the issue would likely win, at the very least, in the court of public opinion? Justice, and the safety of her citizens should trump the fear of being kicked out of any association or being threatened with a lawsuit, and yet the rising warrior of the Right let down her state when it came to signing a commonsense law.

Borrowing an analogy from Pastor Doug Wilson, Noem chose the second crime scene over the first, believing that the man blindfolding and bundling her into his van would not commit a greater crime if only she’d comply with the kidnapping. But everyone knows that the second crime scene is far worse than the first.

It doesn’t take a genius to know that a bill banning men who pretend to be women from anything would cause lawsuits to come pouring in from the outraged and ‘victimized’ “transgender” community and their allies—no matter what the wording is. With or without Noem’s suggested changes to HB 1217, the Left will come for her and South Dakota for even bringing up such “bigoted” and “discriminatory” legislation.

Because the purported “rights” of “trans”-identifiers come before women’s rights (even though the Left claim to love women so much that they’re celebrating a whole month dedicated to women right now), let’s just ignore the fact that Leftists now support men appropriating the identity of women.

Some feebly defend Noem by pointing out that Noem did not veto the bill but rather just sent it back to the legislature so that it would comply with the NCAA’s policies thereby not risking the ability of South Dakota girls to compete in that association. But according to General Counsel Kristen Waggoner of Alliance Defending Freedom in a statement to the Daily Wire,

[T]here is no NCAA policy that requires schools to allow males to compete on women’s teams as Gov. Noem suggests. The governor also vetoed the part of the bill that gives girls any legal recourse against unfair policies that arise. What’s left is mere lip service for women and girls forced to compete against biological males.

The revisions, if approved by the South Dakota Legislature, would render everything that HB 1217 stands for entirely void. The bill would be nothing more than a virtue-signal from Noem to the Right. It would not protect any girls from playing basketball against a 6’6” tall “transwoman,” or showering next to him, or changing in the same room near him.

Noem has failed to protect women in her state, and in doing so, has let down women everywhere. That failure speaks much louder than any excuse she could come up with about lawsuits or associations punishing South Dakota for standing for truth and against tyranny.

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