Sensitive Snollygosters At It Again

There are so many children who are not being represented in Illinois because of the exclusive “she/her, “he/him” wording of our texts. You know, those brave souls who go by other pronouns. Who knows how many sleepless nights have been spent worrying about the injustice of clauses that exclusionary pronouns have caused? Times have changed, and patriarchal terms such as “his” should without question be replaced with “their.”

Tolerance And Tampons

Supposing a visiting girls’ sports team is using the boys’ locker room for their event, and supposing one of these visiting ladies suddenly and without warning realizes it is *that* time of the month. Without HB 156, all that is available to her is a borrowed tampon from a teammate; or from the schools’ girls locker room; or from the public restroom; or from another girl at the school...