Ponderings in Poesy

Welcome to “Ruminations In Rhyme” or alternatively, “Ponderings in Poesy,” the latest post addition to the feed of the Irregular Undómiel . These installments are original pieces of poetry written by the author of this very site. If this pleases the reader, there will be a new Issue published every other month.

Dear Beautiful Soul,

I hope you know you are better than a beach ball, bounced on the shores of Bulgaria. That you are as admirable as an aria, aired in the riveting Royal Albert Hall.

You are like the ideal high heel; stunning and stylish; shy yet still sly, an answer to a star’s wish.

It doesn’t matter if you are far or near, whether you encounter terror or tears, delights or drear, fests or fears, I will always be here as a shoulder, a hug or a cheer.

As sisters by water, as the King’s own daughters, as we are set in the same time by the hand of The Potter, let us run together and hold out an umbrella for the other when there’s a bite to the weather.

Life is unbearable, but companions make it bearable, so if you will it, by your side I’ll take a stand. But if our paths diverge and take opposite turns, know that I shall always cherish the time we had.

Let our fate never find that day, and let us forever stay as dear as friends as we are today.

Thank you for sharing your heart of gold.

Thank you for understanding what I leave untold.

Thank you for being you, you beautiful soul.

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