Time To Pray

Leftists are as animated as a cat that has had its whiskers pulled, been dunked in a lake, then set before the jowls of a pack of eager Rottweilers. That sort of animated.Why? Because, according to the University of Texas at Austin, this heartbeat law will prevent approximately 80% of abortion industry’s business. That is 80% of their chances to procure revenue via abortion and destroy pre-born God images. And that, according to pro-life activists Lila Rose and Abby Johnson, is 150 little lives saved every day this law is in effect.

Abortion: The Woman’s “Right” (Pt. 3)

Pondering this information, it is difficult to understand why this is not common knowledge to women considering abortion. Any other standard medical doctor is required to inform their patient of the potential risks associated with the surgery the patient is about to undergo. If abortion is truly—as Planned Parenthood asserts—just like any other standard procedure, then PP would not withhold the life-altering, life-threatening aftermath that could very likely result from it.