Self Evident: The Podcast

Our goal is to speak truths that were once self evident, and to do so in love. We plan to accomplish this by discussing and dismantling subjects prevalent in the Western culture, to make current cultural events and worldview issues relatable to generation z, and point all those listening to the Gospel and what the Bible says.

Time To Pray

Leftists are as animated as a cat that has had its whiskers pulled, been dunked in a lake, then set before the jowls of a pack of eager Rottweilers. That sort of animated.Why? Because, according to the University of Texas at Austin, this heartbeat law will prevent approximately 80% of abortion industry’s business. That is 80% of their chances to procure revenue via abortion and destroy pre-born God images. And that, according to pro-life activists Lila Rose and Abby Johnson, is 150 little lives saved every day this law is in effect.