Prosecution of the Persecuting Parent

At long last, the Illinois state legislature is doing something that will better the lives of Illinoisans. It took 102 assemblies to accomplish this wondrous feat, but they finally have proven their worth with HB 4040.

Put forward by the brilliantly brave Rep. La Shawn Ford (D, 101st District), HB 4040 would criminalize any punishment, correction or action perceived as “persecution” from a parent by a minor child–aka, bullying. If passed, this law would give a minor the legal ability to sue their parents for the emotional damage caused by a word or look.

Representative Ford is giving children the opportunity he never had: the chance to make their parents pay for all the trivial groundings, dad jokes, displays of affection in front of peers, and scoldings for unmown grass the minor has ever been victim of. I personally know how such traumatizing experiences take deep root in one’s soul, and the possibility to finally earn something–I mean, do something about it is so liberating to hear.

Children across the state are eagerly petitioning their state lawmaker to support HB 4040 in unprecedented numbers. Cyrus, an Illinois minor and a victim of serial parental harassments, became emotional after hearing the proposal:

My parents are always blackmailing me to brush my teeth; “do it or you’ll get cavities!” they say. But now with HB 4040, they’ll be paying much more than a dentist’s bill.

Some individuals–mainly parents–are concerned that minors will be abusing this power and wielding it with a petty fist, but this is not the case at all. Misanthropic Macaroon (zey/zed), a bold and beautiful trans lesbian minor, sees nothing but justice and healing coming in the wake of HB 4040:

This bill is crucial to trans rights. It’ll finally provide justice for kids like me, whose parents refused to let me take hormones at 13. I knew I was a girl trapped in a boy’s body, and they made my life hell by not believing me. I need them to pay for the irreparable damage they caused to my mental health, and now with HB 4040 possibly becoming law, I’ll have the ability to balance out the scales of justice and make their lives hell.

Macaroon also pointed out that if such life-changing decisions like transitioning to the opposite sex can be made by minors, decisions to prosecute parents can be safely trusted in children’s very capable, albeit inexperienced, hands.

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