Ruminations In Rhyme, The January Issue

Welcome to “Ruminations In Rhyme,” the latest post addition to the feed of Charming Undómiel . These installments are original pieces of poetry written by the author of this very site. If this test post pleases the reader, there will be a new Issue published every other month.

Please voice your thoughts below in the comments after reading the January Issue of “Ruminations In Rhyme.”

What would Franklin say if he happened to see us now,

America the beautiful heading straight into hell?

Would he deign to give any comfort or advise a way around?

Or would he say the bells are sounding this country’s death knell?

“I told you we have a Republic, spread the word throughout the land!–If you can keep it it’s yours, I told you, but you let it slip right through your hands.

Don’t say it was stolen from you when you were sleeping on the wall,

don’t tell me they’re established and in power and you have nothing at all.

You’ve got your freedom haven’t you–at least for a little while longer,

We fought the British for God’s sake because it was for freedom that we hungered.

Now take that mask off your face and follow in your forefather’s steps.

If you want your freedom then FIGHT for it! and God will do the rest.”

What would Adams have to say if he glanced at us right now? 

The America he fought and labored for falling quickly to the ground? 

Would he laugh and declare us a lost cause, would he palm his noble brow? 

Or would he clench his fists and raise his voice and admonish swift and sound:

“Good God! Look at the mess you made! Look at the greatest country God ever gave

to a people who once desired to be free–now grown soft and fat in the lap of luxury.

Posterity! You truly don’t know how much it cost, of the risks we took and the lives we lost

to preserve YOUR freedom at the expense of OUR lives, OUR fortunes OUR honor!

Yet now you cow to covid King George, and as for Liberty? To hell with her!

I grievously rue that I ever fought for your freedom; for instead of fanning her flames, you’ve extinguished her beacon.

How dare you so willingly give away what was entrusted to you!–but we should not be surprised, for your punishment has come due. 

This land was made for a moral people, it is wholly unfit for any other

You’ve exchanged pursuing good for evil, then dare to wonder at your fading colors

Repent, you people who once held fast to Providence! Repent and turn back–or face the consequence.”

What would Jefferson say if he walked in upon us here? With our compliance and reliance and our palpable fear? Would he survey us quietly, with a shake of his sage head? Or would he pull up to his height and offer to bestead:

“What have you done? Why didn’t you fight? Why have you alienated your unalienable rights?

The God who gave you life gave you liberty at the same time,

You were endowed it by Him

But you failed to steward it, instead let it die

What else could you do

when your conviction was removed

From the firm basis

that freedom of this nation

was indeed His gift to you?

This country not so long ago was blessed, because her people once walked in humbleness.

You have only prospered so long because of their faith, not by chance.

But now you have nursed the blessing right to the very dregs.

Go back! Turn back! In the past God was our friend,

You cannot repair America’s rends lest you kneel to make amends with your King and Maker in Heav’n.

When you do, you will once more

prefer the tumult of liberty o’er servitude and feeling secure.”

I believe that is what they’d have to say, our nations’ Founders beyond the grave.

They truly spoke some of these words back in their time,

 I merely penned them down, and made them rhyme.

Now will we take their words to heart, heed their counsel and do our part?

The choice is up to us my friends, so let us then pick wisely and begin at once to mend.

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