Pitfalls of Peer Pressure

Basking in the goodness and warmth of the wonderful evening, you're ready to call it a night and head home--when your pocket buzzes. It's the U.S. House Speaker, and he wants you to meet him at a confidential location ASAP. Curious and not a little concerned, you arrive to find a whole third of the House there and listening to the House Speaker, who is on a platform, eloquently discussing a subject that the entire room seems to agree with. You find a seat and begin to listen. Then blink once and stare for a moment. Then for two moments.

Make America’s Youth Great Again

Representative Cortez is partially correct; just because someone is young does not mean they are stupid. Representative Cortez, however, can no longer pull the “youngest member of the House” claim when someone hurts her feelings, for a new youngest member has taken that title...