New Years Day

It is January 1, 2020. It is the start of a new year, and the beginning of a new decade. And as always with the beginning of a new year, people have made resolutions to better themselves and/or to better the lives of people around them.

I’ve not given much thought to goals or resolutions this year, so this post will act as a generator to conjure up my goals. Maybe reading this will inspire some goals of your own. So without further ado, here are five resolutions/goals I want to see through 2020.

1: Place God First.

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It sounds cliche, and I’m pretty sure that you have read it on countless other blogs run by Christian teenage girls. But this goal is number one on my list: to put my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ before anyone or anything. A lot of Christians have heard it said that “Jesus is my best friend,” but saying He is and treating Him as such are two very different things. This year, I resolve to ask His advice first, to unburden my heart to Him before anyone else, and to spend more time getting to know Him as well as He knows me. The last item will take the rest of my life, but what better way to spend one’s existence than getting to know one’s best friend who also happens to be one’s Creator?

2: Protect the Preborn

Approximately 125,000 innocent, preborn babies are murdered every day; 40-50 million slaughtered per year. Thousands of little smiles are snuffed out before they could even take in a first breath, and thousands of would-be mothers are physically and/or mentally damaged for life as a result (there will be a future blog post on this particular point). Last year, I had the privilege to attend pro-life rallies, hear pro-life speakers, tour a crisis pregnancy center, and participate in my local 40 Days for Life vigil outside my all too local abortion clinic. This year, I resolve to continue that participation, to volunteer at a woman’s aid center, to partake in the rallies, and to use God’s gift of writing to educate people about the truth of what abortion truly is: the murder of a unique, innocent life and the physical and/or mental destruction of a woman.

3: Write More

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I know it is no secret that this blog is–sadly–not a top priority for me, with the long, unpredictable inactive gaps between posts and all that, and it has been that way for a multitude of reasons (zero idea what to write about, writing blocks, procrastination, and life giving me no time to post are the biggest ones). This blog is a reflection of the rest of my writing life, I simply don’t write consistently. But I want that to change, I want to hone and use the gift of composing articles and novellas that God has given me to the utmost of my abilities. This year, I resolve to write at least one piece a week; be it fiction, a news piece, or an opinion letter: I will write!

4: Control My Social Media

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Social media is a staple in today’s society; individuals use it to connect with friends and loved ones, complain or boast about their lives, stay in-the-know about politics or fashion or news, and to meet new people across the globe. But it also is a massive time waster, a black hole that sucks away the minutes till they tick into hours. I know this fact all too well. Yes, social media is a useful tool, but all good things come in moderation. This year, I resolve to use my social media sparingly and put the excess of time I normally spend on it to good use.

5: Shake it Off

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I don’t know about you, but I have caught myself feeling anxious about what other people are saying or thinking of me way too often for my liking. Thoughts like:“they’ll think I’m not a good pianist if I play this simple tune that my dad loves” or “she is laughing at my outfit because its not the fashion” or “he’ll think I’m stupid if I speak my mind on this topic” unconsciously take control of my actions and make me stop myself from saying something that could change a heart, doing something that may bless a soul, or it could just take away the simple joy I had in picking out a not-in-fashion-but-still-adorable outfit. Its hard to shake that fear of everybody judging you, but it really shouldn’t matter what they think of you—or more accurately, what you think they are thinking of you. For in the end: “…the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.” (1 Samuel 16:7). This year, I resolve to avoid the snare that the fear of man is, and only care about what God thinks of me, and what the people who care about me think of me.

And there are five of my new year resolutions. My parents and siblings already added a lot more to my list, but as it would be too long and somewhat embarrassing to post, I will end this already too long post here.

Do you have any similar new year resolutions/goals for 2020?

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