A Little Ode

This is a rather short post, and I initially did not want to publish it, but this isn’t about me, it is about–well, read the poem and you can figure out who it’s about : ) –feel free to comment or contact me if you have any questions related to this topic!

They light up any room they walk in

They beam at you till you can’t help but grin

They’re of an impressionable nature, they can be shaped by a word

And they will will lift you up if you’re feeling interred

Their laughter is contagious, they see beauty in the plain

Their lives are more than precious, in a drought they are rain

They love all types of music, they could dance to a dirge

And they know how you’re feeling without saying a word

Who are these people that are all this at once?

They have Down Syndrome, and October’s their month.

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