Story Time! (Pt 2)

Another tale about another experience in my life! =D

If you know my family, you know that we are very active in state-based politics. My father runs a local nonprofit dedicated to “Boldly bringing biblical perspectives public policy,” and as his daughter, I have had the privilege to accompany him on multiple trips across our state, and to meet people who are doing vital work to expose evil and speak the truth to average people like you and I who don’t know we have been accepting lies because that was all that was given to us.

Meet Ashley Bratcher, a Christian actress who fearlessly accepted a movie role that might have cost her her career. What is that movie, you ask?

Ashley Bratcher as Abby Johnson in “Unplanned”

Unplanned is the story of Abby Johnson, a compassionate, confidant woman who becomes the youngest clinic director in the history of Planned Parenthood–before a life-changing experience turns her into an pro-life warrior (I actually had the great honor of meeting the real Abby Johnson!!)

The movie was a box office success, earning 6.1 million in it’s opening weekend.

Ashley Bratcher was the featured speaker of A&M Partnership’s annual banquet, which I not only attended, but had the honor of providing the background piano music for the dinner as well.

The lovely Ashley Bratcher

Bratcher’s testimony of growing up in North Carolina is moving and heartbreaking, but the power of Jesus’ saving grace redeemed and restored her to the wife, mother, role model and actress she is today.

It was awesome meeting her, and I hope you enjoyed this post; the first one I’ve published in a loong time, as my friends keep reminding me =P

Outside of the Planned Parenthood clinic in Flossmoor, IL, during the fall vigil of 40 Days For Life (click on picture for more information)

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