No Context: January Edition

No Context” is a purposeless, whimsical, and unpredictable addition to the blog feed of Charming Undómiel. If this test post fares well, there will be a March Edition, a May Edition–and yes, you guessed it–a July Edition. This unique content, if satisfactory to the reader, will be published once every other month.

Please voice your thoughts below in the comments after reading the January edition of “No Context in which

you imagine that you are walking in a forest. The sun is pleasantly warm on your back, a mild breeze plays with your hair, a robin is chirping lustily above, and you feel as if you could go on strolling in this enchanting atmosphere forever.

All of a sudden you walk straight into a wooden fence. It is as tall as you are, and goes off in both directions as far as you can see. Rubbing your bruised nose, you irritably wonder why it has been placed here. You give the fence a kick, and realize as it shudders that you could take it down.

What is the worst that could happen, right?” you assume as you throw your weight against the blockade. It groans dismally as if it were begging you to stop, but you pay no heed.

I cannot think of anything that might cause me to regret this.” You pant heavily as you slam the fence again, determined to finish your charming stroll.

And so, two minutes later, you are walking on into the woods, a gaping hole in the fence behind you. The sun still beams from above, reflecting off little white daisies bobbing merrily in their stations amongst the greenery. There are also gold finches in this part of the woods; their sweet voices fill your ears as the leaves overhead rustle obligingly in rhythm with their tune.

I knew that that old fence was there for no reason,” you say, swaggering through the splendid scenery. Yes, you knew that that fence was unnecessary now, but five minutes later, as the coughing roar of a charging bear fills your ears, and you are tearing back through the brush because your life depends on it, you find yourself thinking very differently about that fence, and saying “I do not think I adequately analyzed the consequences of my decision.”

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