Story Time! (Pt. 3)

A couple weeks ago I was scrolling through my blog and noticed that I never published the final–and my personal favorite–“Story Time” post. Now, this post has been gathering dust in my draft bin for five months, but I thought rather than forget about it, it was high time to pull it out and share it with you all. I hope you enjoy!

Saturday, November second, is a day I will never forget.

It was the day after the Illinois Family Institute’s banquet, which I had the privilege of volunteering to play the evening’s background music and doing miscellaneous jobs along with other volunteers. It was a wonderful night—yet arriving home at 12 in the morning to get up in 5 hours for another event is not easy. Illinois Family Institute (IFI) had a vendor table at the radio station AM560’s Freedom Summit, an all day event for the station’s audience to listen and meet radio hosts in person, check out the station’s sponsors, and just hang out with like-minded people.

Now I had the choice to sleep in after a looong night, or to attend this summit, stand all day, introduce people to IFI, and have the opportunity to meet one of the heroes of the conservative movement that I have looked up to since becoming a political geek.

The decision was a no-brainer.

Sebastian Gorka is a British-born naturalized American military and intelligence analyst, who served as a Deputy Assistant to the President in the administration of U.S. President Donald J. Trump. His parents fled to the United Kingdom after Hungary was re-invaded by the Soviets, and there he was born and raised (you can read his father’s fascinating story here).

Dr. Gorka is an American by choice, a proud patriot, and a staunch, culture warrior in the battle to keep America great under the administration of President Trump. His books are must reads, his radio show “America First” is a must listen, and his social media accounts are a must follow.

I first found out about him when I came across his book: “Defeating Jihad,” in my dad’s library–and, consistently hearing his name in the news when he was President Trump’s Deputy Assistant, I began to follow his work and listen to his interviews. When my family and I heard him speak at the 2018 Family Research Council’s VVS, I was ridiculously excited, and kept thinking to myself, “I actually am seeing him in person this is sooo cool!!

Towards the end of his speech, Gorka stated that by midnight that night, he wanted every person in that room to have a twitter, a facebook and an instagram account to support the President and to be a voice for conservative truths. Now, my parents had decided that their children will not have social media accounts until they were 16; I had talked with them about it several times, but they were firm in their stance. So when Dr. Gorka said those words, I immediately looked at my dad, who looked at me, his face betraying he knew what was coming next out of my mouth.

“Did you hear that??” I grinned at him and he laughed.

So fast forward to November second, and my brother and I are on our way down a hall to meet this man who has made such an impact on my life. I remember getting in line, and just three people away from Dr. Gorka himself, my brother goes: “Did you bring the book?” WE HAD FORGOTTEN THE WAR FOR AMERICA’S SOUL BACK AT THE TABLE!!!!!!!!

So my brother speedwalks back to the booth, snatches the book, comes right back and before you could say Trump2020 we were right in front of Sebastian Gorka.

I handed him the book and he asks to whom he should address it, the timbre of his voice so deep and rich its insane. I told him what an honor it was to finally meet him in person.

“Our family heard you speak at the 2018 VVS,” I continued as he was signing the book, “and since then I’ve wanted to thank you in person for convincing my parents to get me on social media.” his entire face lit up as he gave me a pleased look.

“Oh so I’m the one they blame!” He exclaimed teasingly. He went on to ask if my whole family had social media accounts, and I informed him that we are attempting to get my mother on twitter. He smiled broadly and said “Good, good, get her on.” Just then the photographer interrupted:

“Would you like a picture with Dr. Gorka?” oh boy would I….

“I would love one–” I began, but Dr. Gorka had other plans.

“Give me the camera, we’re taking a selfie.” (I’m grinning just thinking of that moment 🙂 )

So we took a couple selfies (no big deal right?!), shook his hand, said goodbye, and moved toward the door. It was a big room, and there were many people in a line to meet Sean Hannity adjacent to the line to meet Gorka. We were almost to the door when Dr. Gorka called out from clear across the room “Tag me in the photo!!”

That was the most amazing moment of my young adult life.

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