No Context: March Edition

No Context” is a purposeless, whimsical, and unpredictable addition to the blog feed of Charming Undómiel. This unique content is published once every other month.

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Corliss gently brushed back her hair in slow, deliberate strokes, from the roots all the way down to its tawny ends. It was like caressing a golden waterfall; heavy, shimmering.

Placing the ivory brush down, she faced herself in the mirror that hung over the little cedar table, surveying her work with critical eyes, eyes that were as green as poison-at least, that’s what her victims said.  She preferred a term less dangerous, like exquisitely emerald, or bewitchingly beryl. Bewitchingly drawing you to death. A smile bloomed on her immaculate pink lips, transforming her features into that of an innocent eighteen year-old. Well, with a few extra wrinkles.

It’s all in the eye of the beholder. She told herself as she rose with the seamless motion of a cobra.

And honey is he going to be struck hard. No, make that struck mad.  Laughter like the sound of wine being poured spilled from her lips, those pale pink lips who could speak for the demise of so many leaders, ministers, dukes, and even princes. But no kings. Yet…

She’d been preparing for this day for a long time. Why’d you think she had been practicing on so many for so long? I need it to go off without a hitch. Please God she had been waiting too patiently for too long for it to fail now.

The tailored dress was slipped into like a python into water, her pale, slender fingers trembling as she drew the last button into place.

Easy girl. Corliss rubbed her shaking hands down the creamy pearliness of her dress. She knew she would be nervous on this day, but not to the point that it showed. Take a few deep breaths, there you go.

 Corliss rolled her head from side to side, unkinking her neck as she turned to view her appearance in the mirror, unconsciously biting her lower lip. She had to look perfect, better than she ever had before, because this was it. This is the night she had dreamed of for so long. The night where her one wish would begin to come true.

Corliss crossed her fingers…. and looked at her reflection.  Oh, my! The sight which greeted her took her own breath away.

Her body was enshrouded in a heavenly dress of creamy white—the type that angels wear—bare shoulders showed just above the neckline, polished and glistening with perfume. The pure, snowy fabrics traveled down her small waist, defining each curve and dip as it draped out from her hips and swept to the floor, almost concealing two glittering glass slippers underneath.


She was svelte, stunning. But she wasn’t finished yet…Oh no, not yet. We must have the final blow to be a wower, mustn’t we? Corliss let a smile tug on her lips as she glided to her jewelry case, the silken white gown whispering death as it trailed behind her.

One gem met her eyes as she opened her box, glistening irresistibly above all the other jewels in her case.


The ornaments on, Corliss turned back to the mirror, a gasp escaping as the gems delivered their toxin to her appearance.

Emeralds– ah, those lethal jewels—shimmered seductively round her neck and dangled venomously in her ears; beckoning, hypnotizing along with two bewitching green eyes that glittered with bridled expectation of what was to come.

Just right.

She was ready. More than ready.

That smile was coming back, the smile that completely convinced one of her being an angel in person.

Baby let the games begin…

Lifting her chin as tranquilly as a tiger preparing to strike, she met her gaze in the glass with clasped hands and beating heart.

“Mirror, mirror, on the wall.”

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