No Context: November Edition

"Help me!”  She mouthed urgently. James had nudged Calvin and nodded towards Snow. Calvin’s face lit up and he waved to her enthusiastically. James excused himself from the group and Calvin followed a bit more elegantly, kissing the lady's hands and sweeping bows to the gentry (socializing was his thing).

No Context: September Edition

"I cannot believe I'm up here chasing a fairytale!" I yell, knowing that the only reason I'm talking out loud is to keep the slowly growing fear in my stomach at bay. I hike my drenched hoodie over my drenched head and keep plodding along, hoping to find either my guide or a cave or even a mountain lion to put me out of my misery.

Another Book Review

Despite my trust in their taste of literature, I hesitated. Dare I read such a book, that seems so dark? I mean it is about a vampire for Pete's sake of course it is going to be sinister and foreboding, but the question I asked myself was: do I want to be eternally afraid of the dark and shriek at every shadow that crosses my path? (Vivid imaginations will do that to you).