A Musical Recommendation

In honor of America’s upcoming birthday, I thought that I would share a very patriotic, hilarious, and historical musical that my entire family thoroughly relishes.

“Bustibility, Combustibility!” from left to right: Robert Livingston, Benjamin Franklin, and Roger Sherman irking John Adams to their utmost ability in the immortal sequence of “But, Mr. Adams”.

1776 was a book written by Peter Stone, which turned into a Broadway musical first preformed on stage in 1969, and later it made it onto the big screen in 1972.

The movie 1776 is a comedic and dramatized version of the Continental Congress debates in the sweltering city of Philadelphia as to whether America should declare its independence from the tyrannical king of England, George III. It is entertaining in all aspects; the acting is superb, the dialogue is witty and sharp, the songs are ear worms, the storyline is more accurate than any recent movies about the birth of America, and the whole thing is all around memorable and patriotic.

Mr. John Adams, impeccably played by William Daniels

The way I decide if a musical is a classic is if I’m still humming the songs several days after I first watched it, adding them to my playlists, acting out the dialogue with my siblings, and watching it again and again and again because it was just that good.

My family and I watched 1776 about three or four years ago. And since then the songs have been played repeatedly in the car, sung in the cutest ways by my five and eight year old brothers, and an annual viewing happens every year at the time when we celebrate our nation’s Independence.

Richard Henry Lee ending his grand number: The Lees of Virginia.

If this little post didn’t persuade you to go experience 1776 for yourself, perhaps The Lees of Virginia, my younger siblings’ especially favorite number, would convince you better than I can.

2 thoughts on “A Musical Recommendation”

  1. 1776 is indeed spectacular, with an obnoxious and incorrigible John Adams and a hilarious depiction of Benjamin Franklin, this movie musical is one for the ages.

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